SAP HANA® Database Connection

With HANA, SAP® has created a development platform for Big Data applications and provides a high-performance in-memory database. The relational database in SAP HANA® stores all data in the working memory and can therefore guarantee optimal access times to large amounts of data. The SAP HANA database is not only designed for applications with SAP®, but can also be used for various high-performance database applications.

The procedure for connecting external applications to SAP HANA® is very similar to other relational databases. With the SAP HANA® plug-in of the OPC router, connections to the HANA database can be configured graphically. With its plug-in, the OPC Router can write data to the database, change data, read from it and call procedures in SAP HANA®. These options, in combination with the other available plug-ins, make it easy to quickly integrate us into the SAP HANA® infrastructure.

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Example of a SAP HANA® connection

Example for a query of data from SAP HANA In-Memory database for a PLC process

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Connecting Systems

What’s Transfer, Trigger and Browsing?

Transfer Objects

The transfer object of the SAP HANA® plug-in allows access to tables, views and procedures of the SAP HANA® database.


Select, Update, Insert and Delete actions are available for the tables.


The access to views is done exclusively as a select query.


When accessing a procedure, the OPC Router carries out an Execute. Input parameters can be passed, as well as a call result and the return parameters (also results) can be read back.


The SAP HANA® plug-in includes a HANA database trigger.


The database trigger checks a column of a table for changes. The OPC Router triggers the connection in case of changes. The database trigger does not have any outgoing data fields.


The SAP HANA® plug-in can browse the available objects from the SAP HANA® database.

Tables and Views

All accessible tables and views for the user are read from the SAP HANA® database. Then the columns and their types are determined and made available for selection.


The available procedures are also read out. For each procedure, the input and output parameters are read out and made available for selection, including the type specification. The obligatory return value is provided automatically.

Application-Examples for SAP HANA® Plug-in

Providing Big Data applications with data

The SAP HANA® database is perfect for Big Data applications due to its in-memory structure. With OPC Router it is possible to supply them with necessary data. The connection is made simply in the graphical connection editor. Data can be obtained from various plug-ins of OPC Router and transferred to in-memory database. A classic data memory in production is the MS SQL database. With the SQL Server plug-in, data can be obtained from tables, views or preprocessed from stored procedures and transferred to SAP HANA®.

MS SQL Server
OPC UA Client / OPC DA Client
MS SQL Server

Controlling PLC with Big Data

For the connection and data exchange with other systems OPC Router uses only the graphical designer. After the connection parameters of the database have been announced and tested, the database objects can be searched and selected. In the connections the data transfers between an external system (SAPMQTTOPCREST, etc.) and the SQL Server are established. Once the project has been published, all data transfers can be checked and viewed in the graphical monitoring system.

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