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dBase / FoxPro Database

dBase is a program library with a relational database system in a single or multi-user file. dBase is binary compatible with FoxPro. With OPC Router the database can be integrated into modern industry 4.0 infrastructures by read and write data access.

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Connecting Systems

What’s Transfer, Trigger and Browsing?

Transfer Objects

The transfer object of dBase allows access to Tables and Views in the dBase database. The dBase database is a file.


For Tables the following actions are available: Select, Update, Insert and Delete. Once the datasets have been processed, they can be marked by the OPC Router as transferred.


To access Views a Select query is necessary.


The dBase Plug-in does not have its own trigger. This is why dBase uses the standard trigger of the OPC Router.


The dBase Plug-in allows easy access to Tables and Views provided in dBase.

Tables and Views

All data that is accessible in the dBase database can be accessed in tables and views, respectively. The data is made available for selection.

dBase / FoxPro Plug-in Application Examples

Integration of dBase / FoxPro Islands

In industrial environments, software systems are often operated over long periods of time and are therefore often equipped with older technologies. In the field of databases, dBase and FoxPro were for many years popular and fast file-based databases used in standalone applications to store and manage large amounts of data. If these systems are still in use today, they form unpopular islands in the IT infrastructure where valuable data is stored without realizing its potential. With the dBase / FoxPro Plug-in of the OPC Router, such islands can be connected to transfer the data, for example, to modern SQL databases, making them usable for the entire industry 4.0 infrastructure.

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