MS SQL Server Euromap 63

Euromap 63

The Euromap 63 standard is the predecessor to Euromap 77 and defines the data exchange with injection moulding machines via files. With its Euromap 63 plug-in, the OPC Router implements the file handling to the injection molding machine defined in the standard. The Euromap plug-in writes the so-called request files and accepts response files. Processed files are archived. The plug-in of the OPC Router guides the user through the predefined transfer mechanisms.
The plug-in is particularly suitable for the implementation of special Euromap 63 applications, such as recipe and parameter transfers, for which the respective data is specially designed. For the retrieval of standardized Euromap 63 data points, the Euromap 63 driver of the Kepware OPC Server is a good alternative, since the corresponding files are already defined here (previously available for ENGEL, FANUC, Krauss Maffai, Cincinnati Milacron, Sumitomo Demag, TOYO).

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Connecting Systems

What’s Transfer, Trigger and Browsing?

Transfer Objects

The transfer object of the Euromap 63 plug-in writes requests files according and receives response files to the Euromap 63 standard. A plug-in instance defines a work file (Workdir) and a session number, and can contain several instruction sets. Per connection, one of the available instruction sets can be selected. In order to create more work directories and/or session numbers, additional plug-in instances can be created.

Instruction Sets

Command or instruction sets are configured in compliance with machine-specific conditions, machinery and machine operations. The instruction sets present the addressed machine functions.


The Euromap 63 plug-in has no trigger functions of its own but uses the standard trigger functions the OPC Router offers.


The Euromap 63 plug-in allows for configuration of connection scenarios according to selectable commands that are made available in preconfigured command sets.

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