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711, 2018

Successful with EUROMAP 77

Great team work at third Plugfest in Austria

Joining hands to work on the EUROMAP 77 Companion Specification was the main objective for the Third Plugfest, which took place at ENGEL’s company site in Schwertberg, Austria, on the 24th and 25th of October 2018. Altogether 18 industry drivers of industry 4.0 innovation for the injection molding industry got together for […]

511, 2018

OPC Router Release 4.9

OPC Router Release 4.9 – New Connectors for Industry 4.0

More Connectivity for RFID AutoID, Telegram Messenger and IoT Applications

The OPC Router Release 4.9 improves connectivity via Telegram Messenger for mobile devices – providing connection points for object identification and data control via RFID AutoID. The interface connection to ThingWorx puts versatile IoT connectivity at your fingertips, opening up […]

2410, 2018

Rid Yourself of Five Critical Media Gaps through Industry 4.0 Connectability

Networked production management prevents data redundancy and digital divides

Removing media gaps: That’s at the core of Industry 4.0. The aim is to close all media gaps in manufacturing industries. As they are precisely the reason why present-day manufacturing potential cannot be utilized fully. Five areas in production are particularly affected: They slow down production processes, and increase both […]

1710, 2018

HERMA automates Production Communication with inray

German Manufacturer of Labeling Solutions connects PLC Systems with ERP

The labeling specialist HERMA in Filderstadt, Germany, makes use of direct communication processes between various programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and its SAP enterprise resource planning software (ERP). The company employs inray’s OPC Router for reliable and secure connectability and automation of the entire manufacturing process.

Since 1906 HERMA has produced […]

2609, 2018

Industry 4.0-Management of Milk Collection Vehicles at Germany’s Largest Dairy Group

Interconnectivity at DMK production site in Altentreptow: RFID Chip-supported Milk Tank Purification

Transparent, uninterrupted controllability and traceability of operating procedures are of uppermost importance to the DMK Group – Germany’s largest dairy cooperative. At DMK’s site in Altentreptow, Germany, genetically unmodified milk is processed into premium-quality cheese. Complex quality standards stipulate optimal managerial reliability, which is also applied to […]

609, 2018

Five straight-forward facts about Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become like a trademark term for state-of-the-art data and information communications in the technical and industrial realm. Likewise, it has also evolved into a scientific field with a wide array of specialist terms, methods and models that often serve to confuse more than enlighten. What’s needed is a roadmap for targeted action. This article does just […]

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