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707, 2020

OPC Router 4.17 Release News

The new OPC Router Release 4.17 focuses on the OPC UA standard. OPC Router keeps its name and gets another important function to support the possibilities of

2403, 2020

OPC Router 4.16 Release News

Version 4.16 of OPC Router includes two new Plug-ins. This once again significantly extends the range of applications.
As usual, you will find the download for the test version and […]

1301, 2020

The way from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0

In industry, the term Industry 4.0 is currently the symbol for the further development of industrial production. The vision describes a way of production in which everything is networked […]

1712, 2019

OPC Router Release 4.15

Release 4.15 of the OPC Router offers a number of new features. This time the focus will be on file processing, OPC UA and cloud connectivity.

File processing – integrate […]