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You can regularly read articles about the implementation of industry 4.0 and about all innovations in the OPC router here in our blog. Do you want to be informed about new versions as soon as they are released? Then please register for our newsletter. For all other news and articles follow us at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Xing (links see footer).

1005, 2022

OPC Router 4.27 Release News

The OPC Router takes the next big step towards becoming the leading Industry 4.0 platform with the most comprehensive OPC […]

2004, 2022

International OPC Router Use Cases

The further development towards Industry 4.0 can be observed worldwide – this also opens up a wide range of opportunities […]

2610, 2021

OPC Router 4.26 Release News

The new OPC Router version 4.26 brings significant improvements in operation and user guidance. We are also introducing support for […]

1905, 2021

OPC Router 4.25 Release News

We regularly update our software and equip it with attractive features. Because it is important to us to implement […]

2209, 2020

OPC Router 4.18 Release News

The current OPC Router release contains a lot of new features. The main focus is again on system integration and […]

707, 2020

OPC Router 4.17 Release News

The new OPC Router Release 4.17 focuses on the OPC UA standard. OPC Router keeps its name and gets […]

2403, 2020

OPC Router 4.16 Release News

Version 4.16 of OPC Router includes two new Plug-ins. This once again significantly extends the range of applications.
As usual, […]

1712, 2019

OPC Router Release 4.15

Release 4.15 of the OPC Router offers a number of new features. This time the focus will be on […]

1308, 2019

OPC Router Release 4.13

OPC Router meets Big Data! New plug-in enables access to SAP HANA®!

The new version of OPC Router enables access […]

2506, 2019

OPC Router Release 4.12

Integrate Heidenhain CNC machines into Industry 4.0!

With the new release 4.12 of OPC Router the new Heidenhain Plug-in for […]

1504, 2019

What is Industry 4.0?

For some years now, everything in production has revolved around Industry 4.0. But what exactly does that mean? The […]

2301, 2019

OPC Router Release 4.10

OPC Router Release 4.10 – Video Inkjet Plug-in and a lot of more…

The new Videojet Inkjet Plug-in enables fast […]

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