The new OPC Router Version 5 with its web interface has already set new standards in working with the OPC Router. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on its further development. The new OPC Router 5.1 version adds new user-friendly features to the OPC Router application. The OPC Router can now be operated by touch, for example on a tablet. Scaling and moving your OPC Router is now even easier.

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OPC Router Release 5.1

The OPC Router is now even more user-friendly

OPC Router touch control

User-friendliness is one of the most important aspects for us when it comes to working with the OPC Router. With the new OPC Router 5.1 version, the OPC Router has been given some new operating features. The OPC Router can now also be operated by touch. Thanks to the new web interface, you can connect to the OPC Router at any time, for example on a tablet, and use touch operation to set up and manage your connections or monitor them.

Simplified editing in the OPC Router

The new OPC Router 5.1 version makes it even easier to edit individual connections on the user interface. It is now possible to edit several OPC Router transfer objects and triggers simultaneously. In addition, version 5.1 allows the following operations to be carried out via multi-select:

  • Moving and shifting
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Cut
  • Delete

This makes working in the OPC Router even easier.

Efficient business growth with the OPC Router

The OPC Router is the platform for transparent and automated data transfer in your company. The new OPC Router 5.1 version simplifies the scaling of OPC Router projects even further. On the one hand, projects in Docker containers can be rolled out to many edge devices simultaneously with just a few clicks. On the other hand, the new OPC Router version offers the option of moving OPC Routers within the company. This means that the OPC router can also be moved from a simple Windows application to a Windows server. The necessary delicensing is now possible offline and independently.

This means that the OPC Router is able to adapt and grow with a growing company at any time. Whether with Edge devices directly on the machine or with a new company-wide server structure – the OPC Router meets all requirements.

Further news in Release 5.1

Online OPC Router Manual

The OPC Router now has a new and comprehensive online manual. The online manual replaces the PDF manual. The online version of the manual ensures that you always have the latest version available.

OPC Router Helm Chart

The quick and easy deployment of OPC Router projects is now even easier with Kubernetes. The OPC Router 5.1 now also has its own Helm Chart, which provides the important and necessary technical information to ensure quick and easy deployment.

OPC UA Client Tag Browser

In the OPC UA Client plug-in, the associated data types are now also provided when browsing OPC tags. This makes browsing in the plug-in even more promising.

Further plug-ins available

The following plug-ins have been released for the application in the new OPC Router 5.1 version:

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