A plus of functions with the Enterprise+ Add-on

The Enterprise+ Add-on is available as a purchase licence (perpetual) and as a rental licence (subscription). In the subscription licence it is exclusively available for OPC Router Enterprise customers and extends the OPC Router with further special capabilities, such as

Dynamic template instances

For some time now it has been possible to create “templates” in the OPC Router. These have variable data points that can be created for each instance with similar connections and are similar in structure to the OPC Router Connections. With the Enterprise+ Add-on, this is not only possible manually, by batch creation or via the CSV file import, but these instances can now also be created automatically via the databases. A wide variety of variable values can be transferred for a template in a table for each instance. If a new entry is now made in the source database, a new instance is automatically generated (if, for example, a new device is newly integrated for a temperature transmission). Even if the template is changed (perhaps a time stamp transmission for temperature transmission could be added), all existing and future instances adapt to the new configuration fully automatically.

Extended notification groups

The OPC Router offers extensive alerting and information options via the establishment of a notification group. Via e-mail, for example, the notification recipient can be informed about scenarios such as Plug-in errors, transmission errors or connection errors via an automatism. This feature is now significantly expanded in the Enterprise+ Add-on with the option of “extended notification groups”. Further, additional and differently composed notification groups can now be defined here. An occurring error that affects an SAP connection and triggers an alarm here after a predefined reaction time can now reach a different group of addressees than an error from production that could report a too low filling level of plastic granulate in an injection moulding machine.

Redundancy connection of subsystems

In addition to the option of using the OPC Router itself with two synchronising systems in redundant operation, the Enterprise+ Add-on offers a function with which sub-systems that run in their own redundancy environment can also be connected. For example, redundantly connected systems, connected SAP systems or database systems such as Oracle or MS SQL are supported via OPC Classic or OPC UA. With the implemented Plug-ins of the OPC Router, the Enterprise+ Add-on can also connect these “primary or secondary environments”.

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