Licensing models for the OPC Router

Perpetual and Subscription

The OPC Router licensing programme offers you an easy way to purchase (perpetual) or rent (subscription) the software. A major advantage of both licensing models is that the licences do not have any limitations in terms of the number of connections created, tags transferred or systems connected.

With our perpetual licence, the OPC Router with individually selected Plug-ins, Add-ons and ETL tools (data conversion) can be purchased with a one-off payment. Individual support and maintenance contracts can be added.

Our subscription licences are grouped into three easily distinguishable levels: Plain, Standard and Enterprise. Here, the entry costs are low. The budget for OPC Router licences can be planned and remained constant over the term of the contract, and the number of licensed versions during the term of the contract can be adjusted annually upwards or downwards to suit your actual needs. The OPC Router subscription licences always include extensive software maintenance. You are therefore always up to date and receive the additional services such as maintenance and support at no additional cost.

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By paying a one-time licence fee, you receive an unlimited right to use the OPC Router and have the option of booking a maintenance contract. This will provide you with support in case of problems as well as current updates.

The following functions are already included in the price of the OPC Router 5 – Basic licence:

  • Scripts
  • Calculator
  • XML Transfer / XPath
  • JSON transfer
  • CSV transfer
  • Time trigger / Cron trigger
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Text replace
  • File transfer (not via network)

You can also add further Plug-ins, Add-ons and ETL tools as a perpetual licence. Please contact our sales department for prices.


In contrast to the perpetual licence, our subscription licences already include the maintenance and support costs in the rental fees. The OPC Router is always up to date without you having to agree on additional update services.

OPC Router Subscription-Paket Plain

The Plain licence offers you complete freedom in compiling the Plug-ins and Add-ons you need.

The following functions are already included:

  • Scripts
  • Calculator
  • XML transfer / XPath
  • JSON transfer
  • CSV transfer
  • Time trigger / Cron trigger
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Text replace
  • local file transfer
OPC Router Subscription-Paket Standard

The following functions and plug-ins are included in the standard licence:

  • OPC UA / Classic Client
  • OPC UA Server
  • OPC UA Pub/Sub
  • MQTT
  • Sparkplug
  • RESTful
  • DB (InfluxDB, SQL Server…)
  • Telegram Messenger
  • E-mail
  • RFID AutoID (OPC UA)
  • Printer (Domino, Videojet etc.)
  • Network File Access
  • Excel
  • Barcode Scanner
  • all functions of the plain licence
OPC Router Subscription-Paket Enterprise

The Enterprise licence includes the following plug-ins and add-ons:

  • all available functions
  • all available Plug-ins
  • all available Add-ons
  • Redundancy
  • Add-on Enterprise+
  • innovation guarantee

The Add-on Enterprise+ includes the functions “Dynamic Template Instances”, “Redundant Connection of Sub-Systems” and “Extended Notification Groups”.

Further information is available on the Add-on page.

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