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With the help of the central Industry 4.0 platform, data exchange in your networked production processes is automated and optimised. The OPC Router connects systems vertically and horizontally, from sensor and controller to ERP and cloud, from printer and scale to MES, SCADA or LIMS. Find the solution for your connectivity project from the multitude of Plug-ins and request your personal download.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 stands for the fourth major change in industrial production, which is achieved through comprehensive digitalisation. The focus is on the intelligent networking of processes and machines through modern communication and information technology. The overriding goals of Industry 4.0 are productivity increases, cost reductions and more flexible manufacturing. Read here how you can implement Industry 4.0 in your production.


The manufacturing industry must meet increasing demands for faster delivery and higher production. Cloud technology is helping manufacturers meet these demands. By 2023, nearly half of the software used by manufacturers will be cloud-based. Now is the time to integrate the cloud into manufacturing to stay competitive. Read here how to bring your manufacturing to the cloud.

Machine Data Acquisition

Machine Data Acquisition & IoT (Internet of Things)

With an IoT system, connectivity between several plants is made possible. In this way, all recorded machine data can be brought onto one platform. With condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, optimisation of plant performance and other services, the productivity, availability and utilisation of plants is increased. Read more about machine data collection and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity here.

Make your production transparent

The OPC Router is the central communication platform for your projects in industry. It is based on standard interfaces for automated data exchange across all levels. An important communication protocol for Industry 4.0 is OPC. As OPC client software, the OPC Router directly supports the establishment of Internet of Things (IoT) & Industry 4.0 communication.


Please also see how OPC Router can help you with your Industry 4.0 project in the following languages:

Digitise your production processes

The OPC Router enables you to optimise and digitalise your production processes. The automated data exchange takes place through the integration of systems such as OPC UA, SAP, SQL, MQTT, REST, SOAP, Excel, labellers etc.. The recording of process data enables you to have a continuous overview of your production.

  • State-of-the-art middleware with standard interfaces

  • Different connection types via powerful Plug-ins

  • Visualisation of all data transfers

Graphic configuration, exemplary monitoring and extreme reliability make the OPC Router a pioneer for your Industry 4.0 projects.

This is what our customers say

Processes via OPC Router run absolutely resilient and stable. The step-by-step automation of our production with the OPC Router has proven itself.

Hardy Schwenke, HERMA GmbH

In projects like these, we created an integrated system for industry 4.0 with inray, which we can flexibly adapt and supplement as required.

Michael Kalbe, Auria Solutions GmbH

In the past, orders for the production lines were entered in the SAP® system and manually transferred to an Excel list. This Excel sheet was printed out and had to be distributed to the various production lines. This was already very cumbersome for the production!

Michael Lindel, Manfred Oswald, DMK GmbH

We made the experience that we can integrate our systems with OPC Router into almost every production line without any problems. We profit from the fact that many industrial companies already rely on the OPC Standard – this simplifies networking and saves our customers time and costs.

Andreas Waneck, X-Rite, Inc.

OPC Communication was still in its infancy at the time, but OPC Router was already working reliably and was easier to configure and operate than other solutions. The service provided by inray was also a good match.

Thomas Ruppmann, Andreas Stihl AG & Co KG

“Der OPC Router ließ sich einfach implementieren und ermöglicht eine reibungslose Kommunikation unserer Systeme im Sinne von Industrie 4.0.”

OPC Router has enabled KennaMetal to not just stream machine data up into the cloud seamlessly, it also allows us to pull and combine information from SAP and other data sources to have a more uniform data set for machine learning and dashboarding.

Paul Baker, KennaMetal

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Connect your systems and automate and optimise your production towards Industry 4.0.

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