Roll out your OPC Router application company-wide with just one click

The use of an edge device directly in the field level opens the possibility to run software on the machine itself. With Docker technology, it is possible to deploy the OPC Router on an edge device and create an OT/IT connection directly from the machine. Thanks to Portainer, rolling out the OPC Router in a Docker container is easy and can be implemented with just one click. Learn how to use Portainer to quickly deploy the OPC Router on an edge device.

Portainer and the OPC Router

What is Portainer?

Portainer is a container management software and aims to deploy, manage and monitor software containers. Portainer provides a variety of software that can be easily deployed on an edge device with one click through the easy-to-use user interface.

Portainer enables containerized applications to be easily and securely managed on industrial controllers and PCs. It also provides specific functionalities to enable efficient device management for IIoT projects.

Portainer, the most widely used container management platform, is backed by the independent software provider

What is a Container Management Platform?

Container Management automates the process of creating Docker containers, deploying them, and scaling them. Especially with multiple container applications, management is often cumbersome for IT teams in practice, which is why deploying a management system can increase productivity tremendously. Additionally, deployed management software creates room for more scalability.

Try the Docker application directly

Test the OPC Router with Docker capability now – free of charge and without obligation.

How can I use the OPC Router on an edge computer with Portainer?

The OPC Router can be easily and quickly deployed on an edge device thanks to Portainer. With just one click and without any programming effort the OPC Router can be deployed on one or more edge devices simultaneously via the Portainer user interface. In the following instructions we explain how to deploy the OPC Router on the edge device using Portainer.

How can I deploy the OPC Router via the Portainer user interface?

Log in to your Portainer user interface with your username and password.

OPC Router and portainer

Choose your Enviroment.

OPC Router and portainer

Click on the App Templates in the navigation on the left side.

OPC Router and portainer

You can now search for the OPC Router in the alphabetical list, enter “OPC Router” in the search field in the upper right corner or filter by the Edge category, then the OPC Router will also be displayed.

OPC Router and portainer

Enter your required configuration data for the container and complete the setup by clicking “Deploy the container”.

OPC Router and portainer

Include the existing service in your OPC Router. Click on the OPC Router icon in the upper left corner and then on “Add remote OPC Router service”.

OPC Router Management

Enter the required data:

Name Name of the service in the overview.
Username Enter the name of the corresponding user here to be able to connect to the service.
Password Enter the appropriate password here to connect to the service.
connection information
Select this option if you want to connect to the service via IP address and port.
Server IP: IP address of the server on which the service is running.
Port: Port of the server.
Connection String Select this option if you want to connect to the service via the Connection String.
Uri: Uri string for the connection to the server

Example-Uri: mongodb://[IP]:[Port]/?readPreference=primary&appname=OPCRouter4Tests&ssl=false

With “Test connection” you can check whether you can successfully connect to the service.

OPC Router and portainer

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