More reliability with the Redundancy Add-on

The Add-on Redundancy is an extension to increase fail-safety by automatically taking over functions between two OPC Routers running in parallel in case of a one-sided failure. This way, the functionalities can be kept highly available despite the failure of one of the OPC Routers. Therefore, applications that are important to the company continue to be made available even if one OPC Router fails, as the second OPC Router takes over the tasks of the first OPC Router fully automatically in the event of a failure, which improves the resilience overall.
You can find a dedicated video about the topic “Failover and Redundancy” by visiting our tutorial stream.

How does the transfer of functions take place?

For such a high-availability application, the two OPC Routers with the Add-on Redundancy are installed in a network as primary and secondary. Mutual monitoring takes place and in the event of a functional failure of the primary OPC Router, the secondary OPC Router automatically takes over all tasks from the hot stand-by. As soon as the primary OPC Router is available again, the secondary OPC Router automatically takes over the execution and switches back to hot stand-by mode.

OPC Router Redundancy

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