.NET C# Script

Scripting with .NET / C#

No system can cater for each and every need. This is why a certain degree of flexibility is always needed. The Script plug-in offers additional flexibility because it allows you to define transfer objects and triggers for use with the OPC Router yourself. You are permitted to use basic functions of the OPC Router directly in the script. You can also connect external .NET assemblies, if this is important for your project.
The programming in the Script Plug-in works according to the low code principle and can therefore be implemented even without above-average programming skills.
You can find a dedicated video about this topic by visiting our tutorial stream.

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That’s how easy it is.

.NET C# Script connection via drag & drop

The connection of your systems to .NET C# Script is very easy and intuitive with the OPC Router via drag & drop. In the screenshot we show you an example of a C# sample code for the OPC Router.

Bringing Industry 4.0 to life with .NET C# Script

  • Achieving more with coupled systems:
    The Script plug-in helps connect even very special systems while also allowing specific logic data models to play out just as much as triggering transfers.
  • Industry 4.0 with C# Script:
    A wide variety of devices can be connected and made a part of an industry 4.0 production environment. The Script plug-in allows you to implement an additional transformation level in order to allow connectibility.
  • About OPC Router:
    The OPC Router offers a visual network configuration interface for successful cross-linking of your systems. A high variety of plug-ins turns the OPC Router into a powerful data hub for industrial applications. Easy configuration, sophisticated monitoring and robustness are main distinguishing features of the OPC Router.

Test the .NET C# Script Plug-in now.

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Connecting Systems


The transfer object of the Script plug-in contains all your written scripts.

Script Editor

The Script Editor can be opened directly in the transfer object, and allows easy editing of the respective script. The editor provides syntax highlighting. Once you have edited your script, you can validate your script as well. The library items of the OPC Router are directly accessible and made available in a tree structure. They already contain all predefined methods for implementation.
The only requirement: You need your own code with its own logical data model, which you paste into the methods.  If you want these to interact with other objects of the transfer, you can define parameter accordingly.


Parameters are data files that present your script as input or output data fields during transfer. The fields can belong to different types and can be arranged as arrays.


The Script plug-in has its own trigger function, which is the Script Trigger.

Script Trigger

The Script Trigger carries out previously defined C# scripts, which allows the implementation of individual triggers, based on your own logic models. This can be done with the same editor that is used to create a transfer object; and with the very same convenient configuration functions.


The Script plug-in delivers defined Script Parameters as transfer data fields to external systems.

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