Store & Forward
Store & Forward

Prevent data loss with Store & Forward

Store & Forward prevents data loss if receivers such as database servers (connection possible via the SQL server Plug-in) or MQTT brokers (connection e.g. via the MQTT Client Plug-in) are temporarily unavailable or if database requests cannot be transmitted fast enough. As soon as one of these situations occurs, the OPC Router records and temporarily stores all data acquired during a connectivity failure. When the connection is restored, the data buffered by the OPC Router is then subsequently read out and transmitted to the originally desired recipient.

The Store & Forward Add-on extends the OPC Router in that data from unstable and non-time-critical communication channels, which do not expect any responses to be processed, can be stored locally and subsequently transmitted when communication is re-established.
You can find a dedicated video about the topic “Failover and Redundancy” by visiting our tutorial stream.

Example for connection with activated store & forward

Example for connection with activated store & forward

How Store & Forward works

How OPC Router Add-on Store & Forward works

Store & Forward application examples

Use in SAP or database environments

There are many reasons for a short-term planned or unplanned failure of a target system such as SAP or databases. For example, maintenance, a required update or a regular backup can cause a standstill in functionality just as much as a sudden malfunction or network error.

Here, the use of the Store & Forward Add-on can be very useful. With Store & Forward, the data gaps that would otherwise occur are then automatically retransmitted and closed.

SAP systems (PP,PP-PI,PM,QM,...)
OPC Router Add-on Store and Forward
OPC Router Add-on Store and Forward für Big Data Anwendungen
OPC Router Add-on Store and Forward

Store & Forward in der Cloud

Big data analysis in the cloud can also be another use case for the Store & Forward Add-on. Here, for example, statistical production data is collected for special evaluations.

Should a connection failure occur due to a malfunction, the permanently accumulating data can no longer be transferred to the cloud. The data that would otherwise be lost is temporarily stored locally with the use of Store & Forward and then subsequently transferred when the connection is restored.

This is possible without any problems in this case, as these statistical data do not have to be evaluated immediately and directly for process controls.

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