2609, 2018

Industry 4.0-Management of Milk Collection Vehicles at Germany’s Largest Dairy Group

Interconnectivity at DMK production site in Altentreptow: RFID Chip-supported Milk Tank Purification

Transparent, uninterrupted controllability and traceability of operating procedures are of uppermost importance to the DMK Group – Germany’s largest dairy cooperative. At DMK’s site in Altentreptow, Germany, genetically unmodified milk is processed into premium-quality cheese. Complex quality standards stipulate optimal managerial reliability, which is also applied to […]

609, 2018

Five straight-forward facts about Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become like a trademark term for state-of-the-art data and information communications in the technical and industrial realm. Likewise, it has also evolved into a scientific field with a wide array of specialist terms, methods and models that often serve to confuse more than enlighten. What’s needed is a roadmap for targeted action. This article does just […]

1408, 2018

Success Story: OPC Router at AURIA Solutions GmbH

Successful Cooperation: inray OPC Router in Use at AURIA

At the plant in Straubig, AURIA Solutions GmbH (Germany) manufactures car flooring systems for just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery to various premium-segment car manufacturing plants. Short-dated distribution sequences need to be attained – while offering a wide range of product variants, complying with high quality requirements, and ensuring complete traceability. To accomplish […]