OPC Router meets Big Data! New plug-in enables access to SAP HANA®!

The new version of OPC Router enables access via the new SAP HANA plug-in to the in-memory database of SAP®. We have listed more details about the plug-in and all further news for you here:

SAP HANA® Plug-in


The HANA platform made by SAP® is designed for fast processing of large amounts of data. The integrated database is an in-memory database, which means that all data is stored in the working memory of the computer and can therefore be made available and processed very quickly. The classic use case for this type of database are Big Data applications, in which very large amounts of data can be queried to quickly generate information.
The new plug-in allows the coupling of subsystems with the SAP HANA® database. With this data from the other plug-ins can be transferred to the Big Data applications and vice versa. This enables an important additional value to your Industry 4.0-infrastructure.

MQTT Client Plug-in enhanced with Google IoT Core compatibility

With the MQTT Client Plug-in it is possible to connect standard MQTT brokers and cloud services via a standard MQTT interface. We have already published detailed instructions for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and IBM Watson.
With the new version we extend the plug-in with cloud profiles in which we implement the specialties of some cloud services. The first cloud service is Google Cloud with Google IoT Core. Google Cloud uses a special authentication mechanism that makes it difficult for standard MQTT clients to connect. Now the OPC Router has the necessary configuration capabilities and can be used as a data provider for Google IoT Core.

Updating Oracle and MySQL plug-ins

The database drivers for the two database plug-ins for Oracle and MySQL have been updated. OPC Router is compatible to MySQL 8 now. For Oracle databases the ODP.NET driver (Oracle.ManagedDataAccess) has been integrated, so it is no longer necessary to install several Oracle software components to access Oracle. Everything necessary for Oracle access is now included in OPC Router and is ready for Oracle connections immediately after installation.

Automatic back-up of projects

If changes are made to the configuration, it is advisable to make a backup beforehand. It can always happen that a change must be undone for various reasons, or that an old configuration needs to be checked.
In order to support this method of operation, OPC Router automatically creates a backup copy of the entire project each time a new version is published. The last 50 backups (configurable) are stored so that a history is created in which you can jump back.

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