Systemintegration with the OPC Router

X-Rite is a manufacturer and supplier of inline color measurement and control systems for the manufacturing industry. The solutions offered measure, monitor and correct color directly in the production process, enabling significant savings in scrap and rework. The pre-configured monitoring systems detect even the smallest deviations in real time and are therefore ideal for use in high-speed processes. The company offers a wide range of colorimeters for different materials: For paper, textiles and plastics, glass or applications such as coil coating, the measuring instruments ensure the highest quality of the products.

Since the design of the systems in which the solutions are used can vary greatly, integration requires flexible and powerful middleware that is both individually configurable and compatible with highly specialized systems.

“We have made the experience that we can integrate our systems with the OPC Router into almost any production plant without any problems. We benefit from the fact that many industrial companies already rely on the OPC standard – this facilitates networking and saves our customers time and money,” explains Andreas Waneck, Application Manager at X-Rite.

If a company has not yet implemented OPC networking, the expert recommends the use of KEPServerEX. On this OPC-capable server, all points of a production can be merged, so that the data obtained on the machines is available for central evaluations and process improvements. This not only provides the customer with reliable color measurement, but also makes him fit for other Industry 4.0 applications.

Andreas Waneck summarizes: “The overall package from inray simply convinced us: The OPC Router can be used flexibly as well as installed in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way – the ideal solution for integrating our measuring systems into different plant types”.

About X-Rite

X-Rite is the world leader in colorimetry and color measurement. The company, which includes Pantone Inc., develops, manufactures, sells and supports innovative color solutions, measurement systems, colorimetry software, color standards and services. For more information, please visit

Information to further plug-ins can be found here: OPC Router – Plug-ins

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What is the OPC Router

OPC Router works as an universal translator for your systems. It enables the communication
of all existing systems and protocols and can help modernize processes in the long term. Our video explains how OPC Router works, how it can be integrated into your system environment and what advantages it offers your company.

Benefits of OPC Router

OPC Router is multifunctional and very easy to use. Connections are created simply by drag & drop and numerous Plug-ins enable the connection of a wide variety of applications and systems. Read more details about the advantages of OPC Router and how you can achieve an automated data exchange and thus the optimization of your processes.

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Getting started with OPC Router is easy and can be done quickly. Our video shows you which elements are important and how you can connect different automation systems via drag & drop with suitable Plug-ins.

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