OPC Router Release 4.11 – with InfluxDB-Plug-in

Influx database connection

The InfluxDB Plug-in connects the InfluxDB. It is a well-known time series database of InfluxData. The database is a NoSQL/BigData database and is specialized in storing time series data. These data consist of data fields, which are stored with a time stamp as the most important parameter for later queries.
The new plug-in allows Influx databases to be enriched with data from various other OPC Router plug-ins. For example, process values from OPC UA, order data from SAP, status information from SQL and MQTT sensor data can be stored for later analysis.

Influx Db

Search in historical transfer data

Searching in historical transfer data is also a new function in OPC Router version 4.11. The transferred data in the connections are stored in OPC Router database for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. For each transfer the transferred values can be viewed in detail in the status display. The graphic selection and forward/backward function allows individual transfers to be viewed. With the new search function, transferred values can also be searched for, such as certain job numbers, process status values, label print data, message texts, etc. If the value is found, all associated data of the other transferred fields are also displayed, as well as the transfers before and after them. The search for a specific data transfer for analysis is therefore much more simplified.

Transfer Data Search

Transfer Data Search

Dynamic Template Instances

OPC Router has always provided a template functionality with the templates. Similar connections can be created from a template in which a variable value for the variable fields of the template is passed for each instance. Instances can be created manually or by batch creation, importing a CSV file containing the variable information. With the new version of OPC Router it is also possible to create instances via the database now. The variable values per instance can be transferred in a separate table for the template. The creation of connections can thus be triggered by other applications via a table entry.

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