WAGO Edge Devices and the OPC Router set new Standards in IoT

The interaction between IT and OT requires revolutionary solutions for digitization in industry. The OPC Router from inray offers just such a solution with Docker technology and thus forges a new path for digitization. Thus, the conventional server-client structure is being replaced step by step by Docker containers, making room for platform- and vendor-independent Docker technology. WAGO’s edge devices are the optimal hardware for processing data directly at the field level (OT), and thus make an important contribution to the solution.

WAGO Edge Device and inray OPC Router

Who is WAGO?

The WAGO Group is an international, family-run company. It offers both market-leading products for electrical connection technology and an open automation platform that is recognized across industries. Automation users of WAGO benefit from the freedom to implement automation and IT tasks on an open platform. In doing so, they can access an almost unlimited variety of input and output modules. The advantages include enormous flexibility, design freedom, and continuous communication from the sensor level to the cloud.

What is a WAGO Edge Computer?

More and more computing power is required for intelligent processes directly in the OT. WAGO offers the appropriate hardware for every edge application. In industry, data is often collected, analyzed or retrieved on a central server or in the cloud. Edge computing enables decentralized data processing, which brings many advantages. Since data processing is done directly at the field level (OT), minimal latency can be achieved. Therefore, edge computing enables faster availability and usability of data.

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How can I use the OPC Router on an Edge computer?

Together with WAGO, we provide a video that shows how the OPC Router can be quickly and easily deployed on the edge device in a Docker container. Container virtualization via Docker and the OPC Router open up the possibility for users to send data directly from the field level (OT) to the WAGO Cloud or other IT systems. In this way, IT/OT connections can be combined on this powerful device. Feel free to watch the video tutorial by our OPC Router team leader Jonathan Malessa and WAGO automation engineer Michael Drost.

What is the WAGO Cloud Profil?

The WAGO Cloud Profile is used to optimize the connection of the WAGO Cloud in the OPC Router. The configuration of the OPC Router for the WAGO Cloud is very simple. Thus, all IT/OT systems that the OPC Router can connect via Plug-in can be connected to the WAGO Cloud. The use of the WAGO Cloud is enabled via the MQTT Plug-in of the OPC Router.

Setting up the OPC Router is very simple and is done via drag & drop on a graphical OPC Router Management. The screenshot shows an example of the connection of the WAGO Cloud with the OPC Router. OPC UA data is transferred into JSON format and sent to the WAGO Cloud via MQTT.

inray as WAGO IoT Partner

The WAGO Edge Computer provides a good infrastructure for using the OPC Router from inray in a Docker application. The OPC Router offers cross-industry software for implementing Industrie 4.0 and IoT solutions. The many years of industrial experience of both companies provide an excellent basis for this IoT partnership. But see for yourself what WAGO IoT & Cloud Partner Manager Jürgen Pfeifer and inray CEO Mike Elsen have to say about the partnership:

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