OPC Router now in the browser

Experience the OPC Router with web interface

We are therefore very pleased to introduce today the new OPC Router version with a newly integrated web interface. The new OPC Router 5 version opens up completely new application possibilities for companies and users to elevate their productivity to a higher level.

The usability of the OPC Router is one of the most important aspects of our software. Creating and managing your data transfer together with the OPC Router is now even easier with OPC Router 5. From now on the OPC Router has the possibility to be operated on the web with all its functions and its well-known user interface. This means that you can connect to the OPC Router via a browser and establish and manage your data transfers directly from there.

The new web interface revolutionizes working with the OPC Router. Connections and data transfers can now be created, managed or monitored directly on the web.
CEO Sören Rose

To use your OPC Router on the web, install it as usual on your preferred way, e.g. a Windows server. Then connect to your OPC Router by opening it via the application as usual. Thereupon the application starts directly in the browser. After that you can start directly as usual and use all functions and possibilities of the OPC Router. With this new application the OPC Router is now platform independent. The access to the OPC Router is therefore possible from many different devices and operating systems.

Other features of the web interface

User login in the OPC Router

With OPC Router 5 and the web interface it is now possible to create multiple users. The users can then log on to the OPC Router with a user name and password. Via the user login several users can now work in the OPC Router at the same time – with the live version even simultaneously in one application.

User Login

Sharing OPC Router applications

From now on you can send different applications to other OPC Router users by using the link sharing function of the browser. The recipient of the link will then directly see the application in the OPC Router. However, the rights of the other users have to be considered when sending links.

The OPC Router in Edge use through platform independence

The use of the OPC Router on an edge device is becoming more and more important in production. In many applications, edge computing replaces the familiar Windows server structure. The use of an edge device creates an IT/OT coupling directly at the machine. The resulting data processing with an edge device enables the storage, analysis and retrieval of machine data directly on the store floor without further transmission paths. The resulting near-time and near-location acquisition of data results in minimal latency times. Edge computing thus enables faster availability and usability of data.

WAGO Edge Device
Emerson Edge Device
Docker Technology
Welotec Edge Device
Siemens Edge Device

Thanks to the manufacturer- and platform-independent Docker technology, the OPC Router can also be operated on an edge device.

The new version revolutionizes edge computing with the OPC Router and creates new possibilities in setup and application.
CEO Mike Elsen

The installation of the OPC Router is still done either via the OPC Router Management, the different marketplaces or portainer. Once the OPC Router is installed on the edge device, it can be managed via the web interface and the data transfer can be started or monitored.

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