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The IoT platform ThingWorx from PTC is one of the leading in the market. With the concept of the digital twin, ThingWorx is the core piece for the virtual mapping of devices, machines, sensors, etc.. In a digital model, all properties are made available digitally. The applications range from visualization and analytics to augmented reality.
With the ThingWorx® Plug-in, OPC Router can connect the properties and methods of the digital twins (Things) via the open connection API and transfer or retrieve data. Through this connection, all systems connected via the OPC Router Plug-in can be supplied with data from ThingWorx systems or the data from the systems can be transferred to ThingWorx to complete the digital twins.

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Example of a service call in ThingWorx

Call of a service in ThingWorx system with transfer of various parameters. Here: Euromap 77 Data

That’s how easy it is.

Connecting Systems

The possibilities of the ThingWorx® plug-in in detail.

What’s Transfer, Trigger and Browsing?


The ThingWorx® Plug-in provides two transfer objects. With the transfer objects the properties of the Things (Properties) and the functions of the Things (Services) can be addressed.

Property Transfer Object

The properties of the things contain the current values of the properties of the things. They thus reflect the current state and enable the digital twin. With the Property Transfer object the OPC Router has access to these values and can transfer them e.g. to subsystems which make decisions based on these values.
The OPC Router can also describe the properties and synchronize the digital twin with the real state of the subsystem.

Service Transfer Object

Via the Service Transfer object the OPC Router can call defined functions in the Things. The functions are called with parameters and return values.
The algorithms in the functions access all properties of the Thing and thus respond depending on the internal status. The OPC Router thus enables other systems to outsource controls, optimizations, etc. to services of the digital twin (Things).


The ThingWorx® Plug-in has its own trigger. For ThingWorx, the ThingWorx Service Trigger of the OPC Router appears as an external service. Each time a trigger is used in an OPC Router connection, a service name is assigned. Under this name the trigger can be called as service in ThingWorx and the connection can be triggered.
This trigger makes it possible to trigger the OPC Router connections in ThingWorx at any time and thus to integrate the possibilities in the OPC Router.

ThingWorx Datenübergabe an Zebra Drucker


The ThingWorx® Plug-in is able to read out all Things and their properties and services via API. In transfer objects you can browse through the list of Things to select their properties and services.

ThingWorx® Plug-in application examples

Heidenhain CNC data transferred to the digital twin in ThingWorx

The Heidenhain CNC control is a classic example of intelligence in a high-tech machine. With the IoT platform ThingWorx a digital twin of the machine can easily be generated. In order for the digital image to represent the current state of the real machine, it is necessary that the digital twin is supplied with the current process data. With its Heidenhain CNC plug-in, OPC Router has access to this data and can transfer it directly to the corresponding properties of the “Thing”, which maps the machines, via ThingWorx plug-in. If ThingWorx is used for monitoring optimization calculations in addition to monitoring them, current default values can also be returned. So from the digital twin back to reality.

Heidenhain CNC Plug-in

Label printing from ThingWorx

When ThingWorx is used to control processes that require interaction with field devices and peripherals, OPC Router easily extends the existing capabilities of ThingWorx. For example, label printing or RFID generation are often necessary to link the real product with the digital twin via identification. With the plug-ins for printer coupling Zebra, Domino, Wolke, Videojet, Windows, print jobs can be easily started from the ThingWorx, which contain corresponding parameters with the layout field information.

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