ThingWorx® Connector

The IoT platform ThingWorx from ptc is one of the leading ones on the market. With the concept of the digital twin, ThingWorx is the core for the virtual mapping of devices, machines, sensors, etc.. In a digital model, all properties are made available digitally. The applications range from visualisation and analytics to augmented reality.

With the REST plug-in, the OPC Router can connect the properties and methods of the digital twins (Things) and transfer or retrieve data. Through this connection, all systems that are connected via the OPC Router plug-in can be supplied with data from ThingWorx systems or the data from the systems can be transferred to ThingWorx to complete the digital twins. How to connect ThingWorx step-by-step via REST plug-in is explained in this tutorial.


Bringing Industry 4.0 to life with ThingWorx®

  • Achieving more with coupled systems:
    The core idea of IoT is the continuous networking of all digital devices. ThingWorx offers the platform for mapping via a digital twin. With the REST plug-in, it is possible to connect other systems to the IoT platform and enable data exchange. Each of the systems has more data available and can make better decisions.
  • Industry 4.0 with ThingWorx®:
    Industry 4.0 is based on fast and automated data exchange and the availability of production-relevant information at the right time and in the right place. The data from the IoT platform can contain crucial information for efficient production and quality products. With the connection of ThingWorx® via the REST plug-in, the OPC Router brings the data into Industry 4.0.
  • About OPC Router:
    With OPC Router you can graphically network your systems. Numerous plug-ins make it a data hub in the industrial environment. Simple configuration, sophisticated monitoring and robustness characterize it.

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