WWW-based Industrie 4.0 innovation amplifiers such as RESTful Web Services and SOAP

When the Internet became publicly available 27 years ago, no one could have imagined the world we live in would look like it does today. Digitally networked and mobile, with web-enabled data communication like RESTful Web Services and SOAP make it possible. Back then, every website published was a sensation. Today, websites are just everyday life. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the hypertext that helped the World Wide Web make its breakthrough, a “cloud” was just the English translation of an ordinary meteorological cloud. Digital clouds didn’t exist yet, nor did RESTful Web Services and SOAP. In December 1990, the Word Wide Web became respectable in its current form, which developed its most powerful digital communication power to date with HTML 5. Before that, the Word Wide Web was still based on the Gopher protocol. Today, hardly anyone knows that anymore. It has long been history.

The OPC Router ensures secure connection between controllers, MES and ERP systems

The OPC Router ensures secure connection between controllers, MES and ERP systems

However, the Word Wide Web continues to write new success stories because it reinforces innovation. Who would have thought in 1990 that communication processes, purchasing and sales, and even management tasks in various industries might move to the cloud? No one. The innovation story of the 20th century is long and impressive. The 21st century, however, is in no way inferior to it: With giant strides, cyber-physical connections are emerging so that everything connects to everything else. The new digital world consists of IoT and Industry 4.0 and is fueled by inventive individuals and companies who embrace the seamless networking of all areas of work. A high willingness to optimize, communication strength, efficiency and speed are the digital virtues of a networked working world. With the REST protocol, different systems can be connected and linked – completely web-based. Those who cannot technically implement their REST connection or SOAP connection use the OPC Router, which ensures that data becomes usable via the RESTful Plug-in or the SOAP Plug-in on the Internet and via the cloud – with Tim Berners-Lee’s hypertext.

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