MySQL Plug-in for the OPC Router

Integrating MySQL and MariaDB Database Server into Industry 4.0

The MySQL server is a widely used open source database and MariaDB is the compatible further development. The OPC Router supports the connection of MySQL versions up to version 8. The database servers are accessed natively. With the OPC Router the data exchange between MySQL/MariaDB and various other systems is configurable. The connection between data sources and targets can be created graphically.


These customers rely on the OPC Router

Smurfit Kappa

Bringing Industry 4.0 to life with MySQL

  • Achieving more with coupled systems:
    Combining MySQL with the OPC Router allows easy distrituation and registration of valuable data between systems. Stand-alone systems that were formely disconnected without the possibility of utilizing the data in them, can now be connected and made a part of a cross-connected systems environment.
  • Industry 4.0 via MySQL:
    When you connect MySQL servers with other systems in your enterprise, you turn your production into an intelligent, well connected industry 4.0 production environment, allowing for new ways and opportunities to make use of valueable data.
  • About OPC Router:
    The OPC Router offers a visual network configuration interface for successful cross-linking of your systems. A high variety of Plug-ins turns the OPC Router into a powerful data hub for industrial applications.

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Connecting Systems


The transfer object of the MySQL Plug-in allows acces to  Tables and Views inside the MySQL database.


For tables the following actions are available:  Select, Update, Insert and Delete. Once the datasets have been processed, they can be marked by the OPC Router as transferred.


To access views a Select query is necessary.


The MySQL Plug-in does not have a trigger function of its own but uses the standard trigger of the OPC Router.


The MySQL Plug-in can browse all available objects of the MySQL server.

Tables and Views

The Tables and Views that are accessible to the respective user can be read out from the MySQL server. Thereupon, columns and type can be determined and made available for selection.

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