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Charm EZ Reader – Inhibitor Screening Test

In order to control production and manage raw materials well, analytical data is very important. Processes need to be closely aligned to provide the most efficient and best production procedures. This includes permissions and rights management. The Inhibitor Screening Test by Charm is an intelligent testing and screening device that is network-ready.
The OPC Router with the Charm EZ System plug-in serves as a central receiving point for analyses. A handshaking procedure ensures that all analyses are buffered and transmitted from the devices to the OPC Router so that no analyses get lost. The OPC Router receives analyses from any number of Charm EZ readers and transmits the results to databases or other systems (see Plug-ins). With OPC Router, is a fast and automatic reaction to antibiotic or mycotoxin contamination in raw materials possible.

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Example for recording inhibitor values in the database

Example for SQL database connection calling a stored procedure

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Connecting Systems

What’s Transfer, Trigger and Browsing?

Transfer Objects

The Transfer Object of the Charm plug-in makes fields with analytical results available.


Every analysis has multiple specified fields that can be selected as data fields. The most important ones are Result (level of stress), SampleID (sample number), Interpretation (i.e. whether positive or negative), LotNumber (batch), as well as many more.


The Charm plug-in has three Triggers that become active when messages are received.


When the Charm reader sends data, a transfer is triggered. The analytical data is made available in data fields.


In order to monitor and control devices, a heartbeat can be received. The heartbeat can be set up as trigger: As soon as a heartbeat occurs, a trigger becomes active that prompts a transfer. This can be used to document the online status of a device or to prompt an error message alert, for instance.


If errors are detected, a trigger becomes active. This makes it possible to target errors specifically in order to solve problems quickly.


The Charm plug-in makes all fields of the respective device type available  that the manufacturer offers. These fields are made available as data fields.

Charm EZ Plug-in Application Examples

Make inhibitor / mycotoxin analysis values immediately available

With the Charm EZ/EZ-M system the digital recording of inhibitor and mycotoxin analyses is possible. The determination of a possible contamination of raw materials (milk/grain) is done by a complex technical procedure and is electronically evaluated in the Charm EZ system. After successful completion of the measurement in the EZ Reader, the analysis values are available as a data set in the device. With the OPC Router Charm EZ Reader plug-in, these data sets can be read directly from the device via the network and transferred to other systems (e.g. an MS SQL database). The analysis values are thus immediately available to other systems and can be used to control follow-up actions. The immediate availability without manual intervention is the key to building an effective Industry 4.0 process.

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Automatic product control based on inhibitor / mycotoxin analysis values

In the Charm EZ Reader, in addition to the analysis values, identification data on the sample is also queried. This way, unique identification data is sent to the sample via RFID reader or manual input on the device, which can be used to assign the sample to delivery batches. Due to the immediate availability of this data in central databases, the control systems in the process technology can now automatically control the handling of these delivery batches. This is possible because the controllers (via OPC UA) query the database (via OPC Router) for the quality of the raw material before the batch is accepted in tanks or processing plants. If the analysis result returned for the batch reveals a problematic raw material quality, the process can automatically refuse acceptance or store the raw material in a blocked warehouse. A documented practical example can be found in an article about DMK’s Altentreptow plant.

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