Email notification

Email notification via SMTP

Email remains one of the simplest and most common notification and alerting methods. Fault messages, usage values, production data and other values from your production are thus made available in real time.

The Email notification Plug-in works with the SMTP standard and thus has easy access to almost any mail system. With the Email notification Plug-in you can create your own email templates for various alerting functions and fill them at precisely definable times with data from connected systems such as OPC UASAPSQL databasesRESTMQTT and many more.
The graphical designer allows you to project your own email alerting according to application-specific requirements (see example).
New from version 4.18: Now you can also receive e-mails to integrate e-mail data and attachments into OPC Router connections!

Email Notification

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Set up Email notifications via drag & drop

The connection of your systems to an Email notification is very simple and intuitive with the OPC Router via drag & drop. This screenshot shows you an example of an application of the OPC Router and the Email notification. The Email notification transfer object is sent some data and information as an example. With the help of the trigger object, the OPC Router will send the alarm to selected recipients by email.

In this example, data is loaded from OPC UA with the OPC UA Client Plug-in and from a Microsoft SQL database with the Microsoft SQL Plug-in. They are supplemented by variables, constants and a file as an attachment. The file for the attachment is loaded with the script function from the OPC Router Basic Plug-in. All data is finally written into the email template and the email for the alert is created. In this example, the email is sent when an OPC trigger is triggered, which checks the data point of a PLC for an alarm condition.

Bringing Industry 4.0 to life with Email notifications

  • Achieving more with coupled systems:
    In production, systems work with important data – data that is vital for the production value chain. Easy connectivity, which is established with the OPC Router, seaks to get the right data to the right people just in time, making production a value-rich experience by optimizing data transfers.
  • Industry 4.0 via Email:
    Industry 4.0 relies on fast and automated data exchange. The Email Plug-in keeps human communication in focus and ensures optimized information distribution.
  • About OPC Router:
    The OPC Router offers a visual network configuration interface for successful cross-linking of your systems. A high variety of plug-ins turn the OPC Router into a powerful data hub for industrial applications.
    Easy configuration, sophisticated monitoring and robustness are main distinguishing features of the OPC Router.

Let yourself get notifications via email

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Email Plug-in application examples

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Plug-in Connections
Email notification via SMTP

Notification of exceptional situations

In its connections, OPC Router transfers data between systems, which often have a controlling influence on the process in Industry 4.0 applications. By accessing this data and triggering the connections to certain events, it is also possible to handle exceptional situations. The triggers of a connection can explicitly evaluate signals from the PLC (OPC UA) or specific database queries (SQL Server) and, in exceptional cases, send an e-mail alert to responsible parties via the e-mail plug-in, who can then react to the exceptional situation.

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Plug-in Connections
SQL Server

Involving people in Industry 4.0

The e-mail plug-in of the OPC Router enables information from the automated flow of an Industry 4.0 process to be sent as e-mail. The information from the process can be collected by the OPC router from various sources and packed into an e-mail including attachment that can be easily evaluated by humans. If humans are necessary in a process, such an e-mail can be used to inform them precisely with the request and all relevant data in your normal working environment (e-mail client) and to request them to take action. In this way, the Industry 4.0 process and the human being work together optimally.

Connecting Systems


The transfer object of the Email notification Plug-in offers individual email template configurations. When a transfer is prompted the current data is transferred and sent via SMTP.

Text and variables

The text of the email notification can be provided with any placed variables. The variables are described with values during the transfer from outside.

consignees, consignor, subject

The fields consignees, consignor and subject are available as standard data fields for each email and can be freely described with data. Dynamic emails are sent for each application case.


The E-mail Plug-in is capable of receiving E-mail. The trigger of the E-mail Plug-in triggers an OPC Router connection when an E-mail is received. In the connection, the field information of the mail (To/addressee, subject), the text and the attachments are available for further processing. E-Mails are either marked on the server as read or optionally deleted. In combination with the other Plug-ins, highly automated workflows can thus be triggered, which obtain their data from conventional E-mails.


The Email notification Plug-in reads out all variables contained in the email template.


The variables are automatically configured as data fields inside the transfer object and can be written to with any given value of various data types. During the writing process an automatic conversion occurs: The data is converted into a “string” (i.e. sequence of characters).

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