OPC Router Release 4.10 – Video Inkjet Plug-in and a lot of more…

The new Videojet Inkjet Plug-in enables fast and easy connections to inkjet coders from Videojet Technologies.

Videojet Inkjet

In many packaging lines, Videojet inkjet printers do their job reliably and label goods with batch information, best-before dates and much more. Setup of the devices, i.e. setting print data before production, takes place in different ways, often even manually. Media breaks and data errors cause a loss of time and in the worst case, incorrect data can lead to incorrectly labelled goods and thus to high costs.
With the new Videojet Inkjet plug-in you can integrate your Videojet printers into Industry 4.0 infrastructure and automatically send print data to printers at start of production and on job-change. The data can be loaded directly from the leading systems (e.g. ERP or MES) and therefore are valid. As a result, setup times are eliminated and the probability of data errors is reduced to a minimum. The supported models are: Videojet 1510, Videojet 1530, Videojet 1610, Videojet 1620, Videojet 1630, Videojet 1710. All details and examples can be found on the Videojet Inkjet Plug-in page.

New highlights in the user interface

The OPC Router offers a simple and graphical connection of systems. In order to simplify this for a user and to support him in his work, we are constantly improving the user interfaces of the OPC Router.
In the new release we provide an automatic sorting function. The data points in the transfer objects are now rearranged on request so the connection arrows are optimally aligned and traceable.
We added the datapoint search to OPC servers. This also allows you to find and connect data points in large and branched OPC servers.
The new zoom-function will be interesting for all those whose connections contain several objects. It is possible now to zoom connections bigger and smaller to keep the overview.
For coordination and documentation purposes, it is also possible now to export connections as image files. For example, interfaces can also be communicated to people who don’t have an OPC Router configuration.

Further information on this topic:

The free download link can be found here: OPC Router Download