Machine Data Acquisition (MDA), IoT and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

What new opportunities does increasingly comprehensive machine data acquisition offer today? How are machine data acquisition, modern IT and the IIoT connected and what are practical application possibilities?

Machine data acquisition (MDA) and Big Data

The amount of data collected in industry is increasing at an unprecedented rate. With the increasing prevalence of networked systems, there is a real opportunity to use machine data acquisition to improve productivity and effectiveness in the industrial environment. However, with this opportunity also comes a major challenge. How can Big Data really be used in a meaningful way?

Machine data acquisition (MDE) and Big Data

Analyze and use machine data correctly

In order to be able to analyze machine data optimally, the operating technology must be redesigned from the ground up. Conventional IT systems are unable to handle the huge volumes of data, as isolated systems within a larger network do not operate quickly or efficiently enough to process the data into meaningful instructions and insights. Machine data must be analyzed and evaluated in real time or at least with minimal latency.

Advantages of machine data acquisition

  • Minimize failures and errors

  • Improvement of the value creation process

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

IIoT connection of machine data

The IoT (Internet of Things) has quickly expanded into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). The potential for integrating sensors into devices for data collection and automation is almost unlimited in industry. The more data that is collected, the greater the need to process and use that data efficiently. Faster analysis, more efficient use of bandwidth and storage, and better support for critical machines and applications are the goals that can be realized with modern IT using cloud and IIoT.

Siemens MindSphere IoT per MQTT anbinden

Siemens MindSphere IoT

AWS IoT Cloud MQTT Anbindung

Amazon AWS Cloud

Wie Azure IoT Hub per MQTT angebunden werden kann

Azure IoT Hub

Google IoT Core per MQTT anbinden

Google IoT Core

IBM Watson IoT Plattform per MQTT anbinden

IBM Watson IoT Platform

Ewon HMS Flexy 205 über Talk2M-Cloud ansprechen

Ewon HMS Flexy via Talk2M Cloud

Networking machine data in a variety of ways

In Industry 4.0, there are hardly any isolated systems left. When the Internet of Things was still in its infancy, devices and sensors operated independently within closed and often proprietary systems. Accumulating data volumes were recorded in a separate system, with reporting only for a small group of machines or sensors. Today, in digitally networked production, machine data is recorded in a variety of ways, collected centrally, classified and used to improve the decision-making process in companies.

Euromap 77

Euromap 77

Heidenhain CNC Plug-in

Heidenhain CNC

OPC UA Client / OPC DA Client


OPC UA Server

OPC UA Server

MS SQL Server

SQL Server

MQTT Client

MQTT Client



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