Industry 4.0

Integration and implementation of Industry 4.0

What advantages and new opportunities does the fourth industrial revolution offer? How can Industry 4.0 optimise your processes and where can you find relevant points of contact with the internet and cloud?

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the latest era of the industrial revolution. Here, a multitude of stakeholders in industrial production are connected and interact with each other. These stakeholders are customers, products, production machines, sensors, software systems and also the people involved in product manufacturing. The product is accompanied throughout its entire life cycle. Manufacturing processes, the supply chain and other business processes can be reassessed. An increasing demand for customised products on the part of customers is one of the main reasons for the digital transformation in industry. Find out more about the question “What is Industry 4.0?” with just one click.

Industry 4.0

Optimize processes through Industry 4.0

Process optimization involves technological and human improvements that ultimately lead to higher productivity, product quality, less production time and lower product price. The basis for this is a full connection of all production processes to a centralized IT. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can also be used as a supplement in Industry 4.0 to carry out these process optimisations.

Your advantages from Industry 4.0

  • Increased competitiveness

  • More flexible manufacturing options

  • Individual production control

Data-based decisions with Industry 4.0 software

One role of IT in Industry 4.0 is also to ensure that the decision-making processes associated with process selection, resource allocation, process sequencing and scheduling are sufficiently automated. Knowledge from previous processes can be used here, but monitoring the ongoing processes in real time is more effective. This self-optimisation and self-control of an industrial plant guarantees high manufacturing productivity and overall plant effectiveness.

Container Terminal Eurogate - Foto Scheer

Communicate in real time

Eurogate GmbH & Co. KGaA is Europe’s largest shipping company-independent container terminal and logistics group. In order to run operations more efficiently and autonomously, a system was installed to visualise the facilities.

Horn & Bauer Profiltechnik

Optimise the use of facilities

The Horn & Bauer Group is a leading specialist in the production of plastic films for protective and packaging solutions. There, the data of machine control and energy consumption
were successfully merged into one system.

Jedes Montageband ist bei Stihl mit einen OPC-Router an eine Datenbank angebunden und tauscht in Echtzeit Prozessdaten aus. Bild: Stihl

Increase automation effect

STIHL is known as a producer of high-quality chainsaws, hedge trimmers and brush cutters. In order to optimise production processes and quality, process values are read out event-controlled from a PLC and validly evaluated.

Industrial process and production planning

Industry 4.0 brings with it the requirement for new process and production planning, where most of the working environment is automated and the collected data is processed and evaluated locally and in the cloud. Machine-to-machine communication is expected to increase more than ever. This communication can be done with the right software. A comprehensive connection of the local production can thus be implemented with the various Plug-ins of the OPC Router.

SAP systems (PP,PP-PI,PM,QM,...)


MS SQL Server

SQL Server

MongoDB Plug-in

Mongo database

InfluxDb Icon

Influx database

MySQL / Maria database

ORACLE Database

Oracle database

Zebra Symbol

Zebra Label Printer

Domino Labelprinter

Domino Label Printer

Videojet Inkjet Drucker

Videojet Inkjet printer

Wolke Inkjet printer

Windows Printer

Windows printer





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